About Charlene

Charlene received a bachelor's degree from Bowie State University School of Social Work in 1999. Charlene received a master's degree from University Maryland School of Social Work in 2006. Currently, she has a corporate position as a lead social worker at a long term care nursing facility in Baltimore, Maryland. She is inspired by John Grisham, Eric Jerome Dickey, TD Jakes, and Oprah Winfrey. At a young age, Charlene decided to become an author.
Charlene is the mother of three children. She enjoys watching movies and serving others. Charlene loves to write. She is a positive individual. According to Charlene, a positive mind anticipates happiness, joy, peace and good health. Charlene Davis is a member on FACEBOOK. Pay Attention to the Red Flags can be purchase at amazon.com or
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Pay Attention to the Red Flags| 443-986-6681

Pay Attention to the Red Flags    443-986-6681